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Are you ready to safely share and embrace your true self and become a published author?

Applications open until March 15, 2024:


Does this sound like you?

imagine this...

You've faced numerous challenges over the years...

…yet you’ve triumphed, finding your path through the overgrowth and thorns.

And as a result, you’ve become the hero of your story, standing tall in your brilliant cape of resiliency.

And now it’s time to share your story with the world, through the Embracing Resiliency  book collaboration.

So, what do you get when you participate?


You’ll help folks just like you to build their own resiliency by sharing your story.


You’ll have an avenue to share your strength with others who are where you once were.


You’ll gain the confidence to continue sharing the real you, as a published author.


Embracing Resiliency:
Stories of Quirky Folks Overcoming Life's Greatest Challenges

Embracing Resiliency

You'll be published author in a book that will:

Be professionally edited
Be professionally proofread
Have a beautifully designed cover
how it works

Here are the three steps you'll need to follow to contribute to the collaboration:



Fill out the application.

Complete the application in order to be a contributing author to the book.

The application is used to ensure you’ll be a great fit for the book. Without a complete application, you will not be able to participate.



We'll have a quick chat.

After your application has been reviewed and approved, we’ll jump on a quick 15 minute call to make sure you’re good to go.

If you decide to move forward with being a contributing author, you’ll receive the link to make your payment, which goes towards the costs of publishing, such as editing and cover art. Once paid, you’ll be added to the author’s portal.



We get working on the book!

Once you have access to the portal and all authors have been onboarded, we’ll dive into writing, community building, and everything that goes into making a fantastic book collaboration!

hi there,

I'm Sarah Bowser!

I’m an unconventional coach and author helping quirky, distracted individuals regain confidence in who they truly are without fear of being shamed or left out.

frequently asked questions

Complete the author application, including a writing sample. 

Once your application is approved and you’ve had your call with Sarah, you’ll be sent the link to pay your participation fee and be added to the author portal.

Chapters will be due to Sarah to begin the editing process around June 2023 (subject to change based on author and editor availability).

The book will be available in print or as an ebook through Amazon, as well as being available to be stocked physically in bookstores.

Yes! While the rights of the book as an entire collection will remain with That Weird Nerdy Mom LLC, you will retain the rights to your individual chapter, to use again in the future in any way you desire.

You will receive a formatted copy of the eBook file that you’ll be able to sell on your own website.

In order to contribute a chapter to the book, a fee of $297 will be required, in order to cover associated costs of editing, proofreading, design, and publishing.

Payment plans can be arranged by request.

If you fail to submit your chapter by the due date, without prior communication or discussion with Sarah, you will forfeit your ability to be a contributing author and will forfeit the fee paid to participate.

While we hope to have sufficient time built into the schedule to allow for some delays, it is important to communicate regularly if you feel you will not be able to meet the deadline for submitting your chapter.

Royalties will be split between the authors for the first month of sales of the book. After the first month, all royalties will be retained by That Weird Nerdy Mom LLC.

Refunds can be requested up until the official application close date. No refunds will be issued once applications close and all authors are selected. Once you’ve committed to participating in the book, have been selected as a contributing author, and have paid your fee, that fee is nonrefundable.

While I am still working out the details of the full marketing plan, I do plan to schedule and record podcast-style interviews with each author to help promote their story and the book.

Embracing Resiliency
it's your time to...

Become a published author!

Author Application Form

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I can’t wait to write and publish with you!

If you've still got questions for or want to chat, please email me anytime! I'd love the chance to chat further, no pressure, I promise.

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