What if you could reclaim your true identity, without being full of fear and self-doubt,

so that you can cultivate self-love and self-belonging?

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What if I told you It was possible to belong as your true self?

You could reconnect with who you are at the core of your soul, with your core values – and you could do so without being cast aside, left out, and forgotten.


Be able to come to terms with your mindset, learn to reframe, and identify your core values.


Learn how to express your emotions in healthy ways, both mentally and physically, and how to experiment.


Embrace your own personal rebellion, rewrite your story, embrace who you are, and create belonging.

Coming April 28, 2023...
cultivating self-love and self-belonging

Cultivating Self-Love and Self-Belonging

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cultivating self-love and self-belonging

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hey there,

I'm Sarah Bowser!

I’m that weird, nerdy mom who always struggled with anxiety and fitting in.

After finding my own system for finding my true self, cultivating self-love and self-belonging, I now help other weird, nerdy women do the same for their own lives.

cultivating self-love and self-belonging
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Cultivating Self-Love and Self-Belonging!

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