some of my absolutely favorite things

Below you’ll find my favorite books, journals, podcasts, and other resources that I think that you’ll absolutely love, too!

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My Favorite Books

Whenever I think of any of Jenny Lawson’s books, I’m immediately transported into a better headspace. I resonate so highly with her – her personality, her anxiety and depression, her humor, her humanity – it all hits very close to home for me. Reading her books, I feel seen; I feel known. I would highly recommend her books to anyone. Check them out at the links below.

Toko-pa Turner fundamentally changed the way that I look at and think about belonging. Her book is thought provoking, vulnerable, healing, and life changing. This book was a key asset to me on my own belonging journey, and I think it will help you reframe your thoughts, your mindset, as you begin your own journey.

Lauren da Silva has been an amazing, vulnerable, positive influence in my life. I’ve had the immense privilege to work with her one-on-one, was part of a book collaboration that she ran, and have attended her retreats. Her book on healthy boundaries is amazing and so helpful when it came to breaking out of my people-pleasing tendencies. I highly, highly recommend her book.

guide true identity

How to Know when you've buried your true identity

Grab the guide with four steps to recognize when you’ve been morphing yourself to fit the expectation of others.

My Favorite Podcasts

I absolutely LOVE this podcast. It is real, vulnerable, and it is taking on all of the hard, difficult, life changing topics and social issues. I laugh, cry, and fume with this podcast; I learn and I grow listening to this podcast.

I highly recommend it.

An amazingly hilarious, heartfelt, comedy podcast. Hank and John Green answer questions with dubious advice and share news from Mars and AFC Wimbledon. It’s a good, lighthearted podcast to feed your inner nerd.

While this podcast focuses a lot on building your own business as a coach, Kelsey talks about topics across all walks of life, and her vulnerability, honesty, and kindness make her podcast something that warms my heart and brightens my day when a new episode is released. I highly recommend checking her out.

My Favorite Music

I started listening to and following MALINDA in 2022. Her music speaks to my soul is a deep, loving, and soul-searing way. Her Irish folk music, her covers, and her original songs fill me with all of the emotions and I highly recommend checking her out.

Not much needed to be said for this one. The Beatles have been one of, if not the, most influential bands, music, and people in my life thus far. Go listen to some Revolver and enjoy.

I have to include George Harrison as a separate entry from The Beatles, as well, because his music has meant so much to me over the years. So much soulful, mindful, fun, and transcendent music from a soulful, mindful, fun, and transcendent man. Go listen to some George.