What if you could organize your mind and your life, without the overwhelm...

…beginning your journey to digital organization, so that you can finally have the time and mental space to focus on finding what really lights you up in your core?

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What if you could make sense of everything in your mind and in your life?

Take the first steps towards less overwhelm and more focus. With this free course, you’ll get: 


A beginning framework for getting organized, with key tips and security steps.


Step-by-step walk through for how to get started with the basic organization skills.


A companion workbook to jumpstart your organization journey.



How to Organize Your Life - Digitally

In this free course, you’ll learn how to get started with organizing your life digitally, how to protect those digital records, and how to keep going with your digital organization.

digital org course

Here's what's included:

Hands-On Learning

Video lessons and workbook get you started with organization.

Lifetime Access

Have access for life, including any future updates or additions.

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Here's what we'll cover.

Ten video lessons and a companion workbooks

Where Do We Start?
Why Organization Can Be So Tough
Paper vs. Digital Organization
Overcoming Your Fears of Technology
Security in the Digital World
Password Managers
What to Use
Determining What You Need to Organize
Folder Organization


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When you sign up for the course, you’ll get a couple of fantastic bonuses to help you on your organizational journey.


20-minute one-on-one coaching call with me to help you get started on the right path.


Private, close-knit Facebook community to share questions and advice.

Don’t let disorganization and overwhelm continue to hold you back from being able to focus on finding yourself!

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I'm Sarah Bowser!

I’m an unconventional self-esteem coach, helping weird, nerdy moms organize their minds and find their core self to rediscover their true identity, cultivate self-love, and create a sense of belonging.

Organization is one of my specialties and a passion of mine – I can’t wait to help you get started!

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Yes! While I personally use a PC, everything I talk about works for Mac, as well!

You get lifetime access to the course! Plus, you automatically get access to any updates that get made to the course!

digital org course
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Get your mind organized!

Digital organization has never been easier with everything you’ll get in this course.


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