Imagine feeling confident when it comes to trusting your gut...

…where you can finally live in alignment with your core values, closer to your true self.

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What if you could finally get clear on your core values?

What if, by gaining that clarity, you can get closer to the core of who you are – the identity you’ve buried throughout your life to fit into the mold of society and those around you?

If you’re ready to rebuild your identity’s foundation, to find the pillars that will hold you up – this course can help you do that.


Tackle the mindset work needed to break through the blockers holding you back from trusting your gut.


Walk step-by-step through exercises designed to help you learn to listen to your gut instincts once gain.


Learn how to live in alignment with your core values once you’ve taken time to identify and sit with them.

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Rediscover Who You Are:
Identify Your Core Values

A course designed to walk you step by step on getting clear on your core values and closer to reclaiming your identity in as little as four days.

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Here's what you can expect from the course:

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Introduction to Core Values

Four lessons to take you through what core values are, what they’re not, why they’re important, and how you can get in the right mindset to move forward.

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Brain Dump

Four lessons will take you through exercises to help you recognize and listen to your gut instincts and how you look at and think about the world.

Identify Your themes

Four lessons that walk you through sorting out the brain dumps into logical groups, identifying patterns, and understanding the themes that repeat themselves.

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Identify Your Core Values

Five lessons to help you identify, sit with, and understand your three to five core values, including how to get clear on how you can start to live in alignment with those values.

Kind words from current students.

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I'm Sarah Bowser!

I’m an unconventional self-esteem coach helping weird, nerdy moms organize their minds and find their core self to rediscover their true identity, cultivate self-love, and create a sense of belonging.

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Rediscover who you are and identify your core values

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