You've got a mountain of shit you need to keep track of...

...and trying to tackle it feels as though you're trying to climb Mount Everest.

You’re struggling with trying to stay focused…with all of the things that need to get done.

You live in fear of what others are thinking about you.

Or, you’re just plain terrified that you’re forgetting something…BIG.

Confused person
Hey there - I'm Sarah =)

And I help quirky and distracted people – like you – who are struggling with shame, fear, and guilt around being themselves get their shit together, get their time back, and start to feel confident in who they are.

You've tried all of the popular systems for getting your shit together...

And, maybe it’s also true that you live in fear of what others are thinking about you…

I struggled for many years with shame and fear of judgment from others.

Stressed and overwhelmed Sarah

I was always afraid that I was too weird, that others would judge me for being all over the place. I could be organized and on top of some things, but a complete squirrel with other things. It felt like I never had the time to actually focus on the things I enjoyed, to be able to spend time with myself to the point where I would actually be comfortable in my own skin, my own mind.


I tried so many different organization and time management tactics – so many different systems and processes.


But they never really did what I needed them to do.


Some aspects would work, others wouldn’t. It wasn’t until I allowed myself to start experimenting and making things fit to my own weird, quirky mind, that things started to actually click.

One-size-fits all is not the answer.

Sarah pondering

We are all unique, with our own quirks, interests, and brains.


Experimenting, finding the bits and pieces of different systems that make sense to your brain is what’s going to get things to finally click.


And once you find the thing that works to help you climb the Everest of your to-do list and mental chaos, you’ll suddenly find that you actually can take time to focus on climbing the Everest that is your confidence and comfort in yourself.

As an auditor and accountant by day...

…wrangling two elementary school kids and two young huskies, getting my Masters degree, studying and sitting for the CPA exam, plus keeping on top of all of the other shit the hubby and I have going on…

I've learned a thing or two about getting comfortable with experimenting and making up my own systems.
Don't get me wrong - there is still a ton of chaos.

I don’t always have my shit together. And I still occasionally struggle with my confidence in myself and my abilities.


But generally speaking, my way of experimenting and trying things has helped me to climb my own version of Everest many times over. My coworkers, my family – even my therapist – are surprised and impressed with how I’m able to keep all the shit together, instead of hitting the fan.

Some random things to know about me:

Nerdy wedding

I’m a certified nerd – to the point where our wedding cake topper was two swallows carrying a coconut, our card box was a homemade TARDIS, and the officiant quoted “The Princess Bride.”

You can say one or two words that seem completely random, and I will excitedly go on a tangent, start singing, or bust out a random quote that you may not get…but it made sense in my brain.

Cosplay Snape, Cosplay 4th Doctor
Meeting Meat Loaf

One of my moments of greatest joy (other than my hubby and kids) was getting to meet Meat Loaf – and him grabbing my hand to feel an indent in his head from an accident in his youth.

I will be super awkward and quiet when I first meet someone – but once I feel comfortable, be prepared for all the goofy and nerdy rants and antics!

Awkwardly drinking coffee

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