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You’re ready to focus and tackle the Mount Everest sized pile of to-dos and chaos…

So you can stop feeling guilty about taking time for and reconnecting with yourself.

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Hey there – I’m Sarah!

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And I help quirky and distracted individuals – like you – who are struggling with shame, fear, and guilt around being themselves get their mess together, get their time back, and start to feel confident in who they are.

I know this matters to you, because I was you. I know you want to tame your mental chaos and overwhelm to be able to embrace yourself with confidence, without fear, guilt, or shame.

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You’re overwhelmed with anxiety and guilt around the mountain of shit you need to keep up with day to day.

You struggle with staying focused…terrified that you’re forgetting some huge project or appointment or…something. What was it??

You live in fear of what others are thinking about you…are they judging you for being so disorganized, so awkward…so weird?

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Who even am I.

As an auditor and accountant by day, wrangling two elementary school kids and two young huskies, getting my Masters degree, studying and sitting for the CPA exam, plus keeping on top of all of the other shit the hubby and I have going on, I’ve learned a thing or two about getting comfortable with experimenting and making up my own systems.

I believe that the best way to be confident in who you really are, without fear or shame, is to say fuck it, embrace the weird and throw the cookie cutter systems off the mountain. I believe that we can forge our own path, create our own systems, without guilt for breaking free of the mold we’ve been forced into all of our lives.

You’re allowed to make time for yourself, you’re allowed to enjoy the things that you enjoy without feeling like you’re forgetting something important, that you should be worrying about something else on your never-ending list.

You should be able to look at your life and feel happiness and confidence, without feeling drained and exhausted and overwhelmed, like you just climbed Mount Everest and still have a mountain to climb down again before you can actually relax and just be you.

This is what I’m here to help you with.

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Ready to tackle the chaos?

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Sarah Bowser That Weird Nerdy Mom.

I’ve got a few options – coaching, courses, books – of how we can work together.

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Kind words from clients

I work with all sorts of weird nerdy moms. Here are some recent experiences.
I signed up for Sarah’s digital organization program because I felt scattered. Everything was all over the place on my computer and I had no clue how to start organizing it.

Sarah’s program not only delivered but also showed me so many other areas that I didn’t even realize I needed support in and now everything is so much more streamlined. Great program!
Jacqui O.
Sarah opened my eyes to a whole new way of thinking about how to organize and reframe my day/week. She gave me such clarity on small steps that I could take to help make my week more productive, less stressful and more fun. She always tied it back to ensure I was being true to my authentic self which made all the difference. Sarah is easy to talk to, a good listener and can help you see things in a new way. I’d highly recommend working with her.
Kimberly M.
I started coaching with Sarah to get a handle on my overwhelming email inbox I had avoided for far too long. She helped me finally get the courage to tackle it with specific and easy to apply strategies that I was able to start implementing that day!
Sandra F.
What a wonderfully encouraging message and comforting reminder that you are truly not alone. There are others who have been the outliers and there is a way for us to stay true to ourselves while still finding a place among others. So grateful for this quick pick-me-up to help me grow more comfortable and confident in my unconventional choices. Helpful and insightful questions and tactics that truly get you thinking about your current situation, if you’re truly happy, and simple ways to go about making small changes every day that will lead to better results in the long run.
Lauren B.