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I support and help quirky and distracted moms regain confidence in who they truly are without fear of being shamed or left out.

I am all about creating your own belonging, of embracing your true self, and standing confidently as you.

Love and belonging is what I’m all about (with a dash of analytical and organizational thinking to help our easily distracted minds). That being said, I know that I won’t be the right person for everyone to work with. And that’s absolutely ok.

Here’s what you need to know to see if I’m the right person to work with and learn from:

about sarah
I’ve spent a lot of time trying to figure out where I belong. I’m sure you have, as well.

Everyone comes to this work from different places, experiences, and emotions. I am not here to judge you – I am here to support you.

Always know that I will not judge your situation, your interests, or anything else (so long as you’re not actively harming anyone – see #3 below).

You’re always free to nerd out over any topic, and I will happily listen, participate, and encourage you. My goal is to provide a safe, comfortable, supportive community.

You need to be ready to do some serious self-reflection and work to cultivate self-love and embrace your inner quirkiness.

Cultivating self-love and creating our own belonging is not something that comes easy. It’s going to take work.

Sometimes we may not be ready or feel safe enough to do the mental work that is needed to work through a lot of the thoughts and emotions we have around who we truly are.

And that’s completely legitimate and okay. I honor you and am here to help guide you whenever you’re ready. But for us to be a good fit to work together, you should be ready to dig deep and put in the work to get to the confidence and courage that I know you are capable of.

We’re all humans. Let’s act like it and treat everyone with respect and humanity.

I have some straightforward beliefs that, quite frankly, I don’t believe should be up for debate or should be controversial, but here we are:

  1. I believe that we are all unique, have unique interests and hobbies and obsessions, and that we can all happily coexist with those different interests.
  2. I am weird and nerdy, like to swear (and sometimes don’t realize I’m doing it), and I have tattoos and will continue to get more tattoos.
  3. I support a person’s right to bodily autonomy.
  4. I support the LGBTQ+ and trans communities and believe that gender isn’t black and white – there are many shades and flavors.
  5. I support black lives, people of color, and the absolute need for anti-racist change in this country and the world.
  6. I believe that no one is “illegal” or an “alien” – we are all human.
  7. I believe everyone has a right to their own beliefs – whether you call it God, Allah, Goddess, or the Flying Spaghetti Monster – there is no “right” answer and none of us have the right to force or impose or legislate one religion or belief onto anyone else.
  8. I do what I can to promote social change and a healthy planet.
  9. I am imperfect, and that is ok.

If any of these are a problem for you, we probably won’t be a great fit to work together. And that’s fine. Go ahead and unfollow, unsubscribe, whatever you feel you need to do.

I wish you luck in finding the person who will fit what you’re looking for when it comes to acceptance of yourself and others, loving yourself and others, and creating belonging.

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