time for rebellion
It’s Time for a Rebellion

Rebellion is a word that can carry with it a lot of terrifying imagery, a ton of unsettling and uncomfortable ideas.

Even just the ideas and images we always get in the movies of young kids, young teenagers, “rebelling” against their…

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shifting friendships
Shifting Friendships Amid Shifting Identities

Uncovering your true self leads to an incredible amount of change. And that change will have ripple effects throughout the rest of your life.

At the beginning, as you start to go deeper below the surface, as the fences start to come down, the people around you…

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let's experiment
Let’s Experiment, Shall We?

Dark and dusty laboratories. An eerie feeling to the air, while also feeling slightly off and slightly silly. Evoking images of Gene Wilder in Young Frankenstein, the epitome of the fictional mad scientist.

How many of us think of something like this when the idea of experimentation comes to our minds?

We believe that…

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find your values
How to Find Your Values Through the Fog

Values are a funny thing.

We can think that we know what we stand for, what we believe in, what we value. But when we come to that proverbial fork in the road, that moment where we’re put in a situation by a friend or family member that…

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accept the endings
Learning to Accept the Endings

Coming to terms with the loss of a friendship or relationship is not an easy path in life.

We often end up questioning so much about ourselves as we grieve the ending, wondering…

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when anxiety hits
What to Do When Anxiety Hits

That lightheaded, room spinning feeling, combined with stomach turning nausea hitting all at once is when I know that my anxiety is hitting me hard.

Sometimes it won’t…

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spirituality and mental health
How Spirituality Affects Mental Health

As someone who doesn’t consider herself “religious”, spirituality still plays a big role in my life.

And spirituality can, sometimes, have an outsize affect on our mental health – either good or bad…

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what is mindfulness
What Exactly is Mindfulness?

A lot of times, when people teach about mindfulness, it’s this abstract thing – just clear your mind, pay attention, be calm.

It’s oftentimes people telling us to be…

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shifting mindset and power
Shifting Your Mindset to Regain Your Power

One of my greatest weaknesses is being a people-pleaser.

I have a long history of giving away my power to others, putting everyone else’s comfort and needs before my own, putting my goals and action steps at the bottom of the list…

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gratitude in chaos
Find Gratitude in the Chaos

While I’ve always tried to practice and emulate this same practice of gratitude, it didn’t really hit home for me until the events of this last year unfolded for my family…

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finding faith in own way
Finding Faith in Our Own Way

I’ve often struggled to figure out how I felt about faith and religion, and reading this quote was like being hit over the head with the perfect synopsis of my feelings…

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