Set Up Your Social Anxiety Toolbox

Outline Your Social Anxiety Security Blanket in Less Than a Day

One-time payment — yes, really!

You want to get excited going to events and enjoy the time spent out and about...

And you know confidence is exactly what you need to achieve just that.

The problem is…

If you’re over there nodding and wincing, I’ve got some good news to share: 

There’s a simpler  way — keep on reading!

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Set Up Your Social Anxiety Toolbox

A PDF guide and workbook to help you gain confidence and comfort in public spaces and actually enjoy your time spent in large groups of people without an immense time investment.

With Set Up Your Social Anxiety Toolbox, you will be able to:


Prioritize your own boundaries.


Learn how to create your comforts and use your breath as a tool.


Come up with your personal exit plan.

And the best part? You can get it for just $9.

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hi there,

I'm Sarah Bowser!

I’m an unconventional self-esteem coach for distracted, quirky moms.

As that weird, nerdy mom, it is my mission to help other moms come back to themselves, embracing their quirks and experimenting with all the things to come back to themselves. 

I’ve spent the majority of my life being socially awkward and anxious. Over the last several years, I’ve worked hard at putting together my own system to embrace who I truly am and be confident in expressing my true self.

Now, I packed everything I’ve learned about breaking through my social anxiety into this short and sweet ebook so you too can build your toolbox and become socially confident.

frequently asked questions

Let's answer your questions

Reading through Set Up Your Social Anxiety Toolbox itself will take less than 30 minutes. I kept it short and sweet so you can dive straight into setting up your tools for social confidence.

Each section in the toolbox includes worksheets for you to outline and develop your unique tools. They’re designed to help you get your toolbox established in as little as a day.

However, you can go through them as little or as often as you like, depending on your needs and comfort level. Your toolbox will always be unique to you and can evolve over time, so the worksheets are designed to be used as many times as needed.

All you’ll need are the included worksheets, a pen, and an open mind.

Great! Shoot me an email at and I’ll get an answer to you!

While this ebook touches on tools and techniques that are commonly suggested for helping to build confidence and help mitigate anxiety, it focuses on providing information and suggestions towards developing your own unique spin to these tools. 

There is no one size fits all in this world. This ebook and the worksheets are meant to be used over and over to continually refine your tools as you grow and evolve.

Due to the digital nature of this product, I don’t offer refunds. However, if you feel as though the tools and information in the ebook are not useful or could be improved, I would greatly appreciate your feedback for future improvements.

Ready to set up your social anxiety toolbox?

It’s time to become socially confident and comfortable. It can be easy. And it can be quick — I’ll show you how.


One-time payment — yes, really!

If you've still got questions for us or want to chat, please email us anytime! We'd love the chance to chat further, no pressure, we promise.